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Koyo - Drives Out East Deluxe LP *DAZE Exclusive Variant*

Koyo - Drives Out East Deluxe LP *DAZE Exclusive Variant*

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DAZE COLOR LIMITED TO 200............


We've been sold out of the DRIVES OUT EAST 7" for about a year now so we figured we'd throw those songs plus the Painting Words Into Lines 7" on a 12"! we also tossed on the Short Beach Sessions Live Set & The bands Live on Axe to Grind Podcast set for good measure. 1500 units made with new artwork and dope color combos. All copies come with Digital download cards. These are in stock & shipping immediately.


1. Moriches

2. Since You Asked

3. Diamond One

4. The World We Claim

5. Hanging From Grace

6. Song For Anthony

7. Heaven So Heavy

8. Dreaming In A Wasteland

9. Translucent

10. Hanging From Grace (Short Beach Sessions)

11. Song For Anthony (Short Beach Sessions)

12. Heaven So Heavy (Short Beach Sessions)

13. Hanging From Grace (Live on Axe To Grind)

14. Song For Anthony (Live on Axe To Grind)

15. Heaven So Heavy (Live on Axe To Grind)

16. Do You Still Hate Me (Live on Axe To Grind)

17. Dreaming In A Wasteland (Live on Axe To Grind)

Pressing Info:

Test Press (out of 17)

Clear / Doublemint Green Pinwheel w/Neon Orange Splatter (out of 215) *BBB Exclusive*

Orange in Cloudy Clear w/ Doublemint Green Splatter (out of 215) *DAZE Exclusive*

Canary Yellow (out of 215) *Revelation Records Exclusive*

Doublemint Green / Orange Swirl (out of 319)

Clear w/Doublemint Green & Neon Orange Splatter (out of 609)

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